The Miracle School Ministry came into being in 1999, Lahore. The vision of the Miracle school Ministry is to provide free education, medical, food, books, clothes etc as well as the scripture studies. It’s a parachurch organization in which we keep them in homely atmosphere so that they feel less stress & joyous. From 1999-2003 we run this organization on door to door only in one room of our home with 57 orphan children and officially we got registered in 2004 and started a school in a separate building with 230 children and now we have 600 children in 2 schools.
1)the Miracle School model town, Lahore for 400 children
2) Miracle Brick kiln School for 200 children
We are committed to enrich these children with strong moral values, good education and skills that enable them to become productive responsible citizens of our country…..



We feel that Brick kiln kids have miserable lives worse than other (bounded Labors) slavery. There are so many facts behind this child labor. Poverty, Illiteracy, unawareness of human rights and the major fact is discrimination. They started work daily early in the morning 4 o’clock till dawn 6 in the evening. During this period they work with these children with depressing feelings. In this situation its extremely impossible for these brick kiln children to progress in their own lives. At 4 am early in the morning they mash mud with water than they mould bricks by hands and carry them to the chimney in the heat of the scorching sun. Sometimes the temperature is more than 50 F and Miracle school’s thinking is that they struggle to arrive at school every day and most of them want to leave this severity lives. As well as the burden of having to spend the 14 hours on the brick kilns as labors, even they are not able to have proper food. After finish the 1000 bricks they get the remittance of Rs. 250(2dollars and 50 cents) for all family. But our compassion is very deep for the brick kiln children and we are proud to change the lives of many brick kiln children through the Miracle Brick kiln School. And they realized that the education is the only key to successful life better than slavery. We need your prayers and support for the many other brick kiln children to open the school to realize them these children sense of dignity & self-respect & giving them the hope for the better future. And we need many of your helping hands in this Mission transforming life……

By a vigorous efforts & the co-operation of the parents, we have succeeded in promoting education and enabling them to do jobs at the required age & protected them from child labor.

Its our history that Miracle School Ministries always emphasized on the "Women Empowerment" and have 95% staff female and 5% male staff. We are glad and thankful to our female staff & partners in this great work of Lord. We believe if many hands join together so we can change/transform the lives of deserving children.

Just as we have progressed so far with the help of our friends. We wish to appeal to our friends to assist us to open some more schools for such deserving children in Pakistan.

Miracle School is responsible/guarantee for complete accountability with audit & legal issues. We have reputable audit company. We believe that the transparency is the back bone of any charitable organization. In legal issues we have very respectful & famous lawyer of our country. She is well known national & International level.


Due to advantages & disadvantages we need more helping hands to safe and give bright future to our community......